Podcast > wip#1: Laziness (and various other stuff)

The first episode is in (d)english and about laziness. Have fun 😊
Sources: Wikipedia article about laziness ; Quote from Winnie the Pooh

(Friendly) comments are very welcome!

chris (2016-06-03 11:08)

awesome! please make more podcasts like this! it’s super relaxing to listen and goes well in the background while working 😄 Your (d)english is awesome!

About laziness: There is so much to say about this; but my view in (relatively) short: How laziness is defined highly depends on your social and work-context. Some areas are more demanding than others and people tend to set the bar differently, up to which to define people as lazy. I would say, the more people tend to work because they are convinced it is a good thing (e.g. because it helps society) the more demanding they are with others and the more they tend to define people as lazy. I see this in research very clearly. People working there are mostly doing so because of idealistic reasons, thus they are highly overworking and also expect this from others. It’s your responsibility to make yourself free from those expectations and the resulting judgment. Overall, it’s about finding the right life-work balance. Laziness/Relaxedness/balance is somewhere on the lower end productivity/stress/stability on the upper end of the scale. And there is a trade-off between those two, i.e. achieving things (productivity) and being relaxed. Happiness is probably, when there is a balance between the two. But where it is exactly is probably person dependent and I’m still working on finding it for me 😊

Captain-Lazy (2016-06-08 17:19)
G (2016-06-14 17:49)

I have to admit it: I’m not a big fan of podcasts… But it’s nice to have you two talking in the background while I do something.

Laziness… what being lazy actually is is hard to say. For me it’s more a feeling. And it feels really good to say: ‘srew my plans for today, i’m just gonna hang around in the livingroom having tea’. Mostly i only consider it bad for me, when there is this pressure coming from out of my ‘it’s all going to be fine’-zone. Hm … too lazy to write more.

I’m missing the music. I would wish for 1-3 songs that relate to the topic.
And yeah: make more!!!